An advanced research environment for relational data in humanities and the social sciences

InkVisitor is an open-source, browser-based research environment designed to assist researchers in the humanities and social sciences in transforming texts into complex structured data for further exploration and analysis.

InkVisitor implements a specific method of text-oriented data collection, Computer-Assisted Semantic Text Modelling (CASTEMO), which is highly attentive to semantic detail and the qualities of the original expression. InkVisitor serves as a data-entry front-end for JSON-format research databases (RethinkDB). These databases allow for complex queries and render the data available for various kinds of computational analysis.

Inkvisitor has been developed in the Dissident Networks Project (DISSINET). It is distributed under an open licence (the BSD 3-Clause License). The code is available on GitHub.

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Zbíral, David; Mertel, Adam; Hanák, Petr; Mertel, Ján; Ondrejka, Peter; Hampejs, Tomáš; and Shaw, Robert L. J. (2023). InkVisitor. Available online at:


Zbíral, David; Shaw, Robert L. J.; Hampejs, Tomáš; & Mertel, Adam. (2022). Model the source first! Towards Computer-Assisted Semantic Text Modelling and source criticism 2.0. Zenodo.

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